Course Structure and Format to be Adopted for Preparing eLearning Content

1. Course Name, Unit Name, Unit Instructor Name, University/College Name, Department Name
2. Lecture wise breakup of the Unit . (Around 10 Lectures)
3. Lecture Structure:
       o   Objectives of the Lecture in bullets (Atleast 2).
       o   Glossary of terms: 5-10 definitions of the main terms used in each Lecture.
       o   e-Lecture: eLearning content of the Lecture containing the Text, Tables and labelled Pictures
           (The content should be more in bulleted form or small paragraphs rather than big paragraphs).
       o   Questions/Answers: At least 5-10 Questions (MCQ's, True/False/ Fill Ups) with their options and correct answers.
       o   At least 1 Assignment from each Lecture.
       o   A power point presentation for each Lecture of the unit.
       o   Animations/ Explanatory Video (if any)
4. Format:
       o   The e-Learning content should be created in MS-Word using the Times New Roman font style
       o   Title of Unit and Lectures should be Bold and in 14 pts font size.
       o   The text should be written in 12 pts font size.
       o   All topics under the Lecture should have a Bold Heading and a Section No.(1,2,3,...)
       o   Subsections should be numbered as 1.1, 1.1.1 etc