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Online Classrooms
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Through internet services
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Dr Sameera Qayoom
Nodal Officer
9419049242 01942461349
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10-04-2020 To 30-04-2020
Learning objectives, also known as performance objectives or instructional objectives, are statements which express clearly what learners will be able to accomplish after a certain period of teaching and learning. Learning objectives, whether for offline or online classes, have the same characteristics and are often written in the same way.
Pre Event Description :
Analyzing the statement above, it is clear what the students will be able to do after the course. They should know how to clarify the definition of sociolinguistics. This is a very good example of the performance part of a learning objective.Many people write learning objectives from the teacher’s perspective, which does not describe what students will be able to do but rather what the teacher will teach. This is not a good way to write. Look at the example below:E.g. Help students to know the concept of sociolinguistics We can see that it describes what the teacher will do in class, instead of what the students achieve after class. Also, the verb “know” is not as measurable as the verb “explain”. We will look at measurable verbs in the next partsFor now, note that the performance part of your learning objective should be about what students achieve, not what you will do in class.
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