Established :2017

Vice Chancellor : Dr. Rameshawar Singh

Bihar is an agriculture state with large livestock population as a major means of subsistence to larger section of society. Despite large animal's resource in the state the overall output from livestock sector is low. The factors that significantly contributes to this are large no of animals of poor germplasm, ineffective implementation of breeding policies, scarcity of feed and forage, poor adoption of recent managemental practices, meagre veterinary healthcare services etc. Improvement made in the animal husbandry and allied sectors has direct impact on the financial wellbeing of weaker sections of the society. This sector contributes immensely towards poverty alleviation and addressing the issue of malnutrition. To transform the livestock and fisheries sector as a whole, establishment of Animal Sciences University was envisaged that could act as a catalyzing force by joining the dots towards making it an intensive, profitable, sustainable, vibrant and dynamic enterprise. Thus, to provide an enabling platform to fish farmers, livestock owners, scientists, academicians, animal health professional and entrepreneurs to converge and to bring synergy among the stakeholders, a formal proposal for establishment of Bihar Animal Sciences University (BASU) was made in "Agricultural Roadmap 2012-2017" and as an accomplishment towards implementation of Agriculture roadmap 2012. Bihar Animal Sciences University (BASU) has been established with its headquarters at Patna through an act of Bihar State, BASU Act No. 15 of 2016.

BASU at Present

Bihar Animal Sciences University (BASU) with its headquarters at Patna has been carved out of the Bihar Agricultural University as two of its constituent colleges at Patna viz. Bihar Veterinary College and Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Dairy Technology have been transferred to the BASU, whereas a new College of Fisheries is established at Kishanganj. To further expand the horizon of the University and strengthen the research and outreach, following research institutes, stations and substations are being transferred to BASU.

Research Institutes/Stations/ Sub Stations

1.      Institute of Animal Health and Production, Patna

2.      Exotic Cattle Breeding Farm, Patna

3.      Central Poultry Farm, Patna

4.      Government Goat Breeding Farm, Purnia

5.      Government Cattle Farm, Gaya

6.      Government Buffalo Farm, Sipaya (Gopalgunj)


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National Talent Scholarship-PG

Financial Year : 2018-19 | Beneficiary :6

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Financial Year : 2018-19 | Beneficiary :2

Bihar Animal Sciences University,Patna
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