Established :1965 | ICAR Rank : 6

Vice Chancellor : Dr S Rajendra Prasad

The rapid advances made during the last five decades in agricultural sciences and technology has reduced many of the constraints of agricultural production by raising the capabilities of the man behind the plough. Human resource plays a vital role in agricultural development processes.In this perspective the agricultural education was much emphasised during the post-independent period.One of the important measures undertaken by India immediately after attaining freedom was the setting up of the University Education Commission to revitalise higher education in the country.Arising from the recommendations,two Indo-American teams spent considerable time in formulation of proposals to recognise agricultural education in India by adopting some of the features of the land grant system of USA.The agricultural university movement launched in 1950s has blossomed now to 68 universities of higher education in agricultural sciences,this being the largest number of such institutions in the world.




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