Established :2008 | ICAR Rank : 13

Vice Chancellor : Dr. Indiresh K.M.

Karnataka is the leading horticulture state in the country.  The 10 Agro climatic conditions offer highest scope to grow all crops. State has around 20 lakh farm families are involved in horticulture and provides employment to 75 lakh population. The total area under horticulture crops 20.69 lakhs ha and  the total horticulture production is 202.54 lakh tonnes with  a productivity of 9.78 MTS/ha. Horticulture sector contributes around 53% to total income from combined agriculture sector. Karnataka being a leader in the production of flowers (2nd), cut flowers (2nd), plantation crops (3rd), fruits (5th), spices (7th) and vegetables (8th) richly deserves the establishment of Horticulture University to increase and sustain productivity, and commercialisation of horticulture in the State. Realising the importance and foresightedness the State Government of Karnataka has approved the establishment of the University of Horticultural Sciences (UHS) at Bagalkot through a Special Ordinance No. 2 of 2008 dated: 22-11-2008. The University was formed at Bagalkot as the head quarters in northern Karnataka considering the rich horticultural production base of grapes, pomegranate, sapota, fig, lime, ber, varieties of vegetables, spices, medicinal and aromatic plants, which is supported by congenial agro climatic conditions for horticulture crops prevailing in the area. 



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23 Course(s) Available


1.      Strengthening of smart class rooms and laboratory facilities helped in quality delivery and learning.

2.      Digitization and modernisation of libraries enhanced self-learning capabilities of teachers and students.

3.      Hostel infrastructure facilities were provided and motivated for healthy and competitive climate for studies.

4.      ELH and RAWE programmes were able to enhance the entrepreneurial skills and decision making capabilities

5.      Creation of required facilities to provide better learning environment has encouraged students competence level in excelling at national level sports, cultural and literary activities



Junior Research Fellowship (PGS)

Financial Year : 2018-19 | Beneficiary :14

Merit-Cum-Means scholarship

Financial Year : 2018-19 | Beneficiary :42

National Talent Scholarship-PG

Financial Year : 2018-19 | Beneficiary :26

Senior Research Fellowship (PGS)

Financial Year : 2018-19 | Beneficiary :19

National Talent Scholarship-UG

Financial Year : 2018-19 | Beneficiary :111

University of Horticultural Science,Bagalkot
Udyanagiri Main Campus, Navanagar, Near By-pass Road, Bagalkot

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