Established :1910 | ICAR Rank : 30

Vice Chancellor : Prof. R. B. Lal

The Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences (SHUATS) is established under U.P. Act No. 35 of 2016 as passed by the Uttar Pradesh Legislature. SHUATS is striving to acquire a place in the arena of International Science and Technology, while holding a pioneering status in India. The University offers forty-two (42) undergraduate programmes, hundred and one (101) postgraduate programmes, sixteen (16) diploma programmes and doctoral programme in various disciplines. The teaching and research faculties of the University have highly qualified professionals, trained in specialized areas of agricultural science and technology with several of them holding postgraduate degrees and doctoral degrees from universities abroad. Students enrolled in the academic programmes are exposed to various technical trainings, which enable them to develop skills in their respective field. University keeps the students informed about potential job opportunities and helps them in making prudent decisions for their careers. It maintains and promotes close linkages and active contact with potential employers, both national and multinational, while involving their executives and facilitates their interaction with the students through lectures, discussions and classroom participation. The University also strives to prepare its students to take their places as agricultural scientists, agricultural officers, extension workers, farm managers, educationists, agricultural administrators, agricultural scientists, biotechnologists, micro-biologists, bio-chemists, agriculture engineers, software professionals, dairy technologists, nutritionists, textile designers, theologians and pharmacists.


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35 Course(s) Available

v  Five crop varieties of rice, wheat and maize has been Notified  by Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India.

v  Nine crop varieties of rice, wheat and maize has been Released by State varietal Release Sub- committee, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

v  Two varieties of gram and greengram has been Identified by State varietal Release Sub- committee, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

v  Establishment of Certified Referral Lab, Seed Testing Lab, GIS / Remote Sensing Lab, Nano technology and of Food Processing Laboratory.

v  Centre of Excellence in Farm Machinery.

v  Centre of Excellence in Maize.

v  Development of Agro-Forestry Models .

v  Establishment of Certified Model Organic Farm .

v  Establishment of Mother Blocks for Guava, Olive and Pomegranate.

v  Eleven Patents.

v  Nine hundred thirty nine research papers published in peer reviewed rated National and International journals.

v  Niche Area of Excellence(Area in which University is strong)

v  Breeding Location Specific, Photo-Thermo-Insensitive Wheat Varieties Responsive to Low Inputs and Limited Irrigation and Suited to Different Cropping System in Uttar Pradesh/Eastern India.

v  Establishment of Organic Agricultural Research Teaching Department.

v  Exploration of Botanicals and Rhizobacteria as Integrated Nematode management Module for Meloidogyne Incognita in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

v  Improved farm machinery for marginal and sab-marginal farming community.

v  Waste land management through Bamboo based agroforestry models



National Talent Scholarship-UG

Financial Year : 2018-19 | Beneficiary :15

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