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Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour was established as the second agricultural university of the state of Bihar on 5th August, 2010. The main campus of the newly created university is located at the erstwhile Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour campus. The university has 6 colleges (5 Agriculture and 1 Horticulture) 13 Research stations spread in 3 Agro-ecological zones of Bihar. The University also has 21 KVKs established in 20 of the 25 districts falling under the jurisdiction of the University. The Bihar Agriculture College, Sabour, one among the six agricultural colleges established in the country between 1905 and 1908 has to its credit the immense contribution made in systematic agricultural education in the country. One of the oldest colleges of its type, the foundation of Bihar Agriculture College was laid by Sir Andrew Henderson Leith Frazer, Lt. Governor of Bengal on 17th August, 1908. The college initially started diploma of Licentiate in Agriculture, imparted training in agriculture including Livestock and Rural Economy, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Entomology, Veterinary, Agricultural Engineering and Land Record. The rice research at Sabour is the oldest and even the present day ICAR-National Rice Research Institute, Cuttack was earlier a sub-station of Sabour. In 1936, a section on physiological aspects of fruit trees, particularly mango and litchi was established, which eventually was transformed into a full-fledged Horticultural Section in 1945. During the war period an Entomology Section was established at Sabour. Later Plant Pathology section was started as one of its units but was assigned independent status in 1948. There was major thrust on intensified crop research in the college during first five year plan period. Separate oilseed, maize & millets and pulse sections were established to attain objective of intensified crop research. The soils and fertilizer work were also intensified with the creation of manurial table scheme which was subsequently known as Field Experimental Service (FES). The Soil Survey organization was established in 1954. This was considered as the best organization in the country. So far the reconnaissance soil survey has been done and the soils of Bihar have been divided in 23 Soil Associations and Soil Maps have been prepared. Later, a detailed soil survey of the areas spread in irrigation command agencies of the state was undertaken. The work on micronutrients was first started at Sabour in 1950. The Agricultural Research at Sabour was subsequently intensified to cater to the needs of Eastern Bihar. Quite a number of sections such as Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Statistics and Irrigation Research etc. were either established or strengthened during mid-fifties to mid-sixties. Starting M.Sc. programme in Extension Education in 1955 was a land mark achievement of the College as it was first opening for PG teaching in this discipline in the country. Many external agencies like ICAR, AICRP and PL-480 research schemes came into existence during this period.


University Type
State Agricultural University
Vice Chancellor
Dr. D.R. Singh


The university was established by the state government with the following objectives:

1.      Making provision for imparting education in different branches of Agriculture and any other allied branches of learning and scholarship which the University may find necessary to include;

2.      Furthering the advancement of learning and conducting of research in Agriculture;

3.      Undertaking extension education activities for the welfare of people of State;

4.      Promoting partnership and linkages with national and international educational institutions;

5.      Such other purposes as the University or the State Government may from time to time determine.



Two constituent colleges of BAU, Sabour namely, BPSAC, Purnea and VKSCOA, Dumraon were accredited by ICAR, New Delhi.

Renovation of hostels, examination hall, central instrumentation laboratories, creation of water supply facility to hostels and sanitary works.

Development of smart classrooms by inclusion of digital podium, interactive boards, short throw projector etc.

Creation of monitoring facility for classrooms and examination halls in the various colleges in the form of CCTV facilities and their renovation.

Modernization of laboratories and purchase of laboratory equipment including microscope, pressure plate, soil moisture meter, BOD incubator, microwave, CHNS Analyser etc.

Strengthening of connectivity and ICT infrastructure of the university through High definition video conferencing system and other connectivity tools.

Financial support to the students in the form of fellowship, scholarship and contingencies.

Entrepreneurial development among the students through experiential learning programme.

Through the RAWE programme Development of insightful understanding among the students about the issues, challenges and field situations in rural and agricultural development.

Development of communication and soft skills among the students through regular workshops and training programmes conducted by the Centre for excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Strengthening of library resources in the form of e-books, text books and subscription of journals for the benefit of students and researchers.

DBT Schemes

ICAR-PG Scholarship

Financial Year : 2021-22 | Beneficiary :13

National Talent Scholarship-PG

Financial Year : 2021-22 | Beneficiary :43


Financial Year : 2021-22 | Beneficiary :7

National Talent Scholarship-UG

Financial Year : 2021-22 | Beneficiary :57



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