In line with the National Initiative on Ranking of Indian Institutions, ranking of Agricultural Universities has been initiated by ICAR with a larger objective to drive the universities towards improving quality standards and enhance their visibility to enable them for participation in global rankings. The ranking status allows the students to make informed choices for university placement. Further, the ranking process is expected to help the universities to self-assess themselves on the quality and enhance their abilities. It also tends to improve healthy competition among universities.

As the mandate of Education Division is “to enhance the quality and relevance of higher agricultural education in the country”, the ranking of agriculture education has been assigned to the Education Division. Accordingly, the ranking process has been initiated in 2017 as per the Proforma developed by NAAS. Since then, the proforma has been modified based on the experience and also the inputs received from various stakeholders.

Considering the unique position of agriculture education which has a strong role and larger responsibility for humanity in providing food and nutrition security, both excellence and relevance have been considered for evaluation. The emphasis on parameters such as teaching resources & outcome, faculty profile, students’ performance, research productivity, research impact, research excellence, extension activities, outreach prgrammes, revenue generation and peer recognition of the faculty, students and staff of the university etc. have been considered while evaluating the agricultural universities.

Notification Updates
  • Process of Ranking for year 2021 is starting from
    5 October 2022
  • Last Date for Submission of information by Nodal Officer
    26 October 2022
  • Last Date for Submission by Approving Authority
    26 October 2022
  • Data Validation process
    1-10 November 2022
  • Ranking list of Agricultural Universities(2020)

Ranking Process

So far, the ranking has been done for the last three years based on the information received from the universities in the prescribed proforma through hard copies. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, it has been decided to obtain the required information from the universities through online.

Accordingly, an “Agricultural University Ranking System (AURS)” has been developed to enable the submission of the required data by the universities and the evaluation/verification by the Committee through online. Further, the uploaded information shall be made available in the public domain for bringing transparency to the entire ranking process.

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