Education Quality Assurance and Reforms (EQAR)

Library strengthening

National Agricultural Education Accreditation Board (NAEAB)

The National Agricultural Education Accreditation Board (NAEAB) undertakes the accreditation programme (i) to assist people, prospective students, educational institutions, professional societies, Government and other concerned agencies in identifying institutions and programmes which meet the minimum norms and standards as prescribed by the Council, (ii) to provide guidance for the improvement of existing agricultural education institutions/ programmes, and (iii) to develop new institutions/ programmes

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Niche Area of Excellence

India-Africa and India-Afghanistan Fellowship

In India-Africa programme, a total of 195 candidates (119 Master's and 76 Ph.D) have joined for higher degree programmes in 35 Indian Agriculture Universities out of which 108 candidates (80 Master's and 28 Ph.D) have successfully completed their programmes

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Netaji Subhas -ICAR International Fellowship

The NS-ICAR International Fellowships were introduced in 2009-10 for Ph.D. programme at Agricultural universities (AUs) and Overseas Universities both for Overseas and Indian candidates, respectively. A total of 85 candidates have been awarded this fellowship, out of which 17 Indian and 2 Egyptian candidates have completed Ph.D. in overseas and Indian AUs, respectively

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