Student Corner

In Education Portal 2.0 New modules have been developed for students to streamline the process of applying in Fellowship schemes, Student READY program, PARTH program. Another key task performed by Education portal is generation of USID / UFID.


In the EKTA (Eakikrit KrishishikshaTakniki Ayaam) initiative, it has been decided to assign Unique Student ID (USID) for all the students enrolled in universities of NARES. Unique Student Id will ensure the uniqueness corresponding to the student records in various academic processes and associated online systems. USID code having 15 Character combinations (Alpha numeric code) will be unique for each student throughout all agriculture universities under NARES system.
Key Features of USID
  • The USID system assigns a unique 15 Character combinations (Alpha numeric code) identification number to each student enrolled in ICAR-affiliated agricultural universities and research institutes across India.
  • Unique Student Id ensures the uniqueness corresponding to the student records in various academic processes and associated online systems.
  • The USID number is linked to the student's personal, academic, and professional information, which can be accessed by authorized personnel at the student's institution.
  • The USID system is intended to streamline student identification and record-keeping processes across the ICAR system, and to provide a unified and secure platform for sharing student information among ICAR institutions.
  • The USID number is required for various student-related transactions such as applying for scholarships, internships, and other programs.
  • The USID number is also used for official communication and for student identification during various events, such as exams and conferences.
  • The USID number is valid throughout the student's enrollment in the ICAR system.
  • Total of 221303 USID has been generated.

Student READY (Rural Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana)

This programme is introduced as an integral part for one complete year in the last year of the degree programme for undergraduate education in various disciplines. This module comprises of web forms for:
  • Students to apply in programme and filling weekly & project reports
  • College and University Nodal officers to approve student applications assign training & generate reports.

Fellowship Module

This Module has been made Live for “NetajiSubhas - ICAR International Fellowship”. This fellowship support Indian/Overseas nationals for pursuing doctoral degree in agriculture and allied sciences, in the identified priority areas, to the
  • Indian candidates for study abroad in the identified overseas Universities/Institutions having strong research and teaching capabilities and,
  • Overseas candidates for study in the best Indian AUs in the ICAR-AUs system.
Web forms have been designed for Registration process, Application process and approval process.

PARTH (Primary Agricultural Rural Trained Human Resources)

This program will expose students from AU to rural settings and provide them with knowledge of agricultural technologies currently being used by farmer communities, in order to promote entrepreneurship development initiatives and business incubation by providing handholding support to the rural communities.The PARTH Capacity Building Program will have the following training schedule
  • 6 months of Blended training program including
    • 3 weeks of an on-field training program
    • 1 week of on-campus training program within the University campus faculty coaches
    • 5 months of handholding support to the rural beneficiaries
  • The blended group will be exposed to field-level project implementation along with residential training in the AUs, led by faculty coaches.