Event Details

Event Name :
Training on “RTI Act 2005 and Stress Management”
Event Venue :
Conference Hall of Directorate of HRM, LUVAS, Hisar
Contact person details :
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Gupta
Principal Scientist
Event Date :
01-03-2023 To 04-03-2023
1. All faculty need to be fully trained 2. Managing Work-Life balance 3. Increase individual productivity and responsibility 4. Improve decision making 5. Reduce negative organizational stress 6. Better team communications and morale 7. Retention of valued employees 8. Reduce personal stress 9. Learn about Stress Management techniques that will help you to overcome stress
Pre Event Description :
The event was organized by Director, Human Resource Management, LUVAS, Hisar. About 36 faculty members attended the event.
Target Group: