Event Details

Event Name :
High End Workshop (Karyashala) on Application of advanced and sophisticated instrumentation in the development and characterization of functional dairy Foods
Event Venue :
Dairy Technology Division, ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal
Contact person details :
Dr. Heena Sharma
Scientist (Senior Scale)
8930515996 22590438
Event Date :
26-07-2023 To 08-08-2023
The aim of the proposed training program is to provide knowledge regarding the principle and analytical methodology of emerging techniques related to the development and characterization of functional dairy foods and to give hands-on practical experience to the PG & Ph. D. studnets.
Pre Event Description :
Functional food science emerged from a demand in the public and is made possible through the collaboration of several sciences. This field of research incorporates food science, nutrition, and medicine to develop novel food products that are are combinations of food and pharmaceuticals. The participants will be taught about the preparation and testing of functional dairy products through membrane processing, spray drying, HPLC, GLC, AAS, GC-MS, FTIR, mastersizer, zetasizer, ELISA-based techniques, etc. Bonafide Students from Universities and Colleges with major in Dairy/Food Technology/Dairy Chemistry/Dairy Microbiology/Biochemistry/Livestock Product Technology/Foods & Nutrition/Food Science/Dairy Engineering/Post Harvest Process & Food engineering/Chemical Engineering may participate in Karyashala.
Target Group: