Experiential Learning

To train students become “Job givers rather than Job seekers”

A major component of Student READY programme.

Initiated in the Tenth five year plan.

During the last decade the Experiential Learning Programme progressed

A total of 426 modules were sanctioned to Agricultural universities by end of the XII  plan.

During 2017-18 fifteen new Experiential Learning Units were added with the total number reaching up to 441.

Over 26000 students have been trained and developed skills in various areas. Many of them  have started their own enterprise.

Figure: Number of Experiential Learning Units sanctioned upto XII plan

The Experiential Learning Programme aims for promoting professional skills and knowledge through hands on experience, building confidence and ability to work in project mode and acquire enterprise management capabilities.

The programme has provided a very good platform for students with an approach of “Learning by Doing” and “Seeing by Believing” and gives a new direction to the undergraduate programme which will develop thinking, skillful, expert, manager, human resource in the area of agriculture, veterinary, horticulture, forestry and other allied disciplines. The experiential learning programme is offered for one semester in the final year.

The main objectives of EL are:

  • To promote professional skills and knowledge through hands on experience.
  • To build confidence and ability to work in project mode.
  • To acquire enterprise management capabilities.

Major areas for training under Experiential Learning Programme

  • Aqua Farming
  • Bio Agents & Bio Pesticides Production Unit
  • Bio Fertilizers Production Modules
  • Brackish water Fish & Shrimp Farming
  • Broiler and Layer Production
  • Clinical Complex
  • Commercial Agriculture
  • Commercial Broiler Production
  • Commercial Horticulture
  • Commercial production of biofertilizers
  • Critical Care Unit
  • Designing and Development of Instructional Media Products
  • Development of Quality Planting Materials in Forestry
  • Entrepreneurship Oriented Male Weaner Goats Rearing and Selling Unit
  • Establishment of food processing unit and production of value added products of selected fruit & vegetable crops
  • Fish Post Harvest Technology
  • Food processing and product development
  • Fruit and Vegetable processing
  • Goat Production and rearing
  • Goat rearing
  • Hi-Tech Horticulture
  • Multimedia and Graphic Unit for Designing & production of Information Materials
  • Mushroom cultivation and spawn production
  • Nursery Production and Management and Protected Cultivation of High Value Flower and Vegetable Crops
  • Nursery Production and Protected Cultivation of Chrysanthemum
  • Organic farming (Vermicosting/Bio-fertilizer) products unit
  • Ornamental Fisheries Unit
  • Pet pups production/pet spa/pet boarding
  • Precision Farming of Floriculture and Exotic Vegetables
  • Processing and preservation of fruits and vegetables
  • Processing Fruits and Vegetables for value addition
  • Processing Milk & Milk products unit
  • Processing of fruits & Vegetables for value addition
  • Product design Digital Embroidered Home Furnishings
  • Production of edible mushrooms and span
  • Production of Indian major carp fingerlings
  • Protected cultivation of high value horticultural crops
  • Protected Cultivation of High Value Vegetable and Flower Crops in Hills
  • Seed production and processing unit
  • Seed Production and Technology
  • Sericulture Production and Marketing Unit
  • TVCC as a Experiential Learning unit for Pet Animal
  • Urban animal care clinic and pet care services