Acharya Narendra Deva University of Agriculture and Technology, Ayodhya

About the university

The University has mandate for agricultural development in 28 districts of UP under seven divisions viz., Ayodhya, Basti, Devipatan, Gorakhpur, Azamgarh, Varanasi and Vindyachal Dham, covering three agro-climatic zones viz. Eastern Plain Zone, North-Eastern plain zone and Vindhyan zone.

The teaching activities of the University are run in seven constituent colleges. The College of Agriculture, College of Home Science, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, College of Fisheries, and College of Horticulture & Forestry are located at main campus at Kumarganj. One Agriculture College is in Azamgarh, while the College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology is located at Akbarpur in district Ambedkar Nagar. These colleges offer eight undergraduate programmes.

The University has separate Directorate of Research, Directorate of Extension, seven Zonal Agricultural Research Stations, Computer Centre, Laboratories, Agricultural Research Information System (ARlS), Directorate of Placement, Agriculture Technology Information Centre (ATIC), Library, Central Instrumentation Laboratory (CIL), Playgrounds, Gymnasium, Instructional students Farm etc., which provide enough opportunities to the students and the faculty to develop their skills.

Research activities of the University are mainly oriented to meet the needs of farming community as per their agro climatic conditions. There are 19 AICRP functioning in different research station and department of the University that are supported from ICAR. The University has released 184 varieties of different crops and developed several production technologies particularly in the area of cultural practices under irrigated as well as dry land agriculture, water management and pest and disease management. in food crops, vegetable crops, horticultural crops, fibre crops and medicinal & aromatic plants etc.

Extension is an important activity for the transfer of technology. While, the State Department of Agriculture has the major responsibility of extension, however, University has often played the lead role in transfer of technology. Training for extension functionaries, rural women and farm youth has been a major programme of the extension directorate. The University has also established an Agriculture Technology Information Centre (ATIC) and Krishak Help Line Service. The information provided by the University is valuable for the stakeholders of the agriculture sector of the state.


University Type
State Agricultural University
Vice Chancellor
Dr Bijendra Singh


  1. To produce professionals for management of second green revolution
  2. To accelerate the pace of enhancing rural income and employment through development of agriculture & allied fields.
  3. To consolidate the efforts for input and time efficient as well as cost effective technologies, processes & varieties.
  4. To monitor & review the agriculture development program for sustainable agricultural growth.
  5. To empower rural women.



Research and Innovation: ANDUAT focuses on conducting research to enhance agricultural productivity, develop sustainable farming practices, and improve the livelihoods of farmers. The university may have made significant contributions to agricultural research, including the development of new crop varieties, pest management techniques, and post-harvest technologies.

Academic Excellence: ANDUAT aims to provide quality education and training in agriculture and related fields. The university may have been recognized for its academic programs, faculty expertise, and collaborations with national and international institutions.

Technology Transfer: ANDUAT plays a crucial role in transferring agricultural technologies and knowledge to farmers. The university may have conducted training programs, workshops, and extension activities to disseminate information on modern farming practices, agribusiness management, and rural development.

Infrastructure Development: ANDUAT may have undertaken initiatives to improve its infrastructure, including the establishment of state-of-the-art laboratories, research farms, demonstration plots, and modern agricultural machinery. Such developments can enhance the learning experience of students and facilitate cutting-edge research.

Farmer Outreach: ANDUAT may have engaged in various extension activities to directly assist farmers and rural communities. This could include organizing farmer awareness programs, field days, and agricultural exhibitions to promote sustainable agricultural practices and provide solutions to the challenges faced by farmers.

DBT Schemes

National Talent Scholarship-PG

Financial Year : 2021-22 | Beneficiary :50

National Talent Scholarship-UG

Financial Year : 2021-22 | Beneficiary :44



Acharya Narendra Deva University of Agriculture and Technology,Ayodhya
Acharya Narendra Dev University of Agriculture & Technology, Kumarganj Ayodhya

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