IT- e Resources and Library Strengthening

“Availability of information is the most important for change towards development in the world.”

The libraries in AUs and its constituent colleges play pivotal role in providing scientific and technical information to the students as well as faculty. The support from the Council enriched and strengthened the libraries at AUs for library automation and digitization of resources; adding new titles to the existing collection, strengthening of book banks, library facilities etc. The addition of latest literature in agriculture and allied subjects helped strengthen the academic programme and ensured procurement of additional need based journals not covered under CeRA. The academic environment and quality of teaching and research has been enhanced through the use of e-resources, digitization and online access to the literature ensured equity and availability of learning resources in the main campus as well as off campuses colleges. Book banks for the underprivileged students were established in some AUs.

  • Libraries are information center where information is readily available.
  • The ICAR Library Strengthening grants provided for development of Digital libraries and information centers which can play a vital role in providing specialized services.
  • Sixty-Six (66) Agricultural Universities Libraries benefitted during the XII plan.
  • The existing book collection is strengthened with addition of new arrivals of various foreign and Indian editions of books in various disciplines in agriculture and allied sciences.
  • Information retrieval system enabled the faculty to formulate projects, conduct quality research and publish in standard journals/ present at national and international seminars, bringing laurels to the University.
  • Exchange of information, knowledge and ideas among faculty paves way to better scientific linkages and research collaboration between scientists and institutes.
  • The access to reading both scientific and fiction have helped to develop the integrity and individuality of young users.
  • The information retrieval and dissemination in libraries working with ease and speed due to sufficient computers and accessories. Local Area Networking in Computer Labs of library is extended in terms of number of nodes for accessing the above mentioned e-resources available in the libraries.
  • New books, e-journals, general education books have immensely helped students to compete at national and regional level competitions.
  • Book banks for the underprivileged students established.
  • The best practices and quality services are being served to the users of libraries.
  • The ICT based technologies promoted by the ICAR in all libraries in full swing.
  • Instrumental in getting ICAR accreditation for the University and its constituent colleges.
  • Attracted users from outside the University thereby propagating the repute and glory of the University.
  • Satisfying the user’s intellectual needs.
  • Important role of Library in improvement of university ranking.
  • Almost 100% security to library resources as the RFID and CCTV electronic surveillance system.
  • 24X7 Reading Rooms established in several accredited colleges. State of the art library facilities created with the help of ICAR funds.
  • The impact of air conditioners has been very positive as more number of students now sitting in the library and for longer period.
  • Online Knowledge Management Software for creating digital collection.
  • Effective Document Delivery system.
  • Enhanced eco-friendly library services as the total number of photocopies taken has come down.
  • Stock verification time reduced due to the implementation of RFID security system.
  • Biometric Access System in Libraries.
  • Additional benefits are ; Increase number of users/ visitors in the library, Remote access to users to e- resources of library through Epoxy, Drinking Water Coolers, Water Purifiers, Dusting equipments, Library Furniture etc.

  • Acquisition During 12th Plan (2012-17)
    Financial Year : 2012-17

    E granth

    Under the E granth project; a digital repository “ Krishikosh” was supported which is a collection of knowledge in agriculture and allied sciences, in the form of old and valuable books, journals, thesis, research articles, popular articles, monographs, catalogues, conference proceedings, success stories, case studies, annual reports, newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, bulletins and other grey literatures from various ICAR Institutions and State Agricultural Universities (SAUs). The repository achieved a milestone of having more than 1,00,000 (One Lakh) documents which includes 49,000 thesis (Ph.D and M.Sc.) and 51,000 other institutional publication viz. books, research articles, reports, annual reports, etc during 2016-17. At present Krishikosh has more than 20 million digitized pages in 100,000 digital items (volumes) like old books, old Journals, reports, proceedings, reprint, research highlights, training manuals, etc. To make the access more user friendly, several new initiatives were taken up for efficient development and dissemination of Krishikosh to the end users of NARES. These includes addition of new library, Development of tutorial video, Development of database for NARES library, uses of Social Media, Upgrade the Dspace version from 4.x to 6.x, Development of mobile application for Krishikosh, etc. During 2016-17, 50 new Institutes/ SAUs were added to the Krishikosh repository thereby the total number of Institutes/ SAUs is reaching to 85.


    Mobile application for Krishikosh - Krishikosh website is mobile responsive site i.e. the design of the system responds or adapts depending upon the layout of the device (different mobile phones, tablets etc.). Krishikosh is a huge repository of thesis, reports, articles etc. An application with push notification has been developed which is available at Google Play store, IARI, Egranth and Krishikosh website.

    New initiatives under E granth

    • Addition of new libraries
    • Development of tutorial video
    • Development of database for NARES library
    • Social Media outreach
    • Upgrade the Dspace version from 4.x to 6.x
    • Development of mobile application for Krishikosh

     (Available at Google Play store, IARI, Egranth and Krishikosh website).